Dynamite History

Jim Riley's Dynamite Arena began hosting twice-weekly jackpots in the 1970s when it was one of just two such facilities in the Phoenix area (the other was Elmer's Roping Arena in Laveen). It was where many of today's NFR qualifiers from Arizona cut their teeth as kids. It now stands as the only remaining local arena with that legacy. Remarkably, after nearly five decades, it's still Jackpotters' favorite place to gather each week to reunite and enjoy sunshine and friendly competition.

When Riley passed away in 1992, his nephew, Ron Treat, took over and furthered the arena's reputation with always-efficient production and good cattle. Levi Schofield purchased Dynamite from Treat and continued the legacy for six years.

In 2014 Bryan Beaver together with long-time roping producers, Daren and Kami Peterson took the reins. Under its new ownership, Dynamite got a facelift for the first time in years. That same year, Dynamite Arena held its Season Opener on November 1-2 and hosted a staggering 815 teams that played for a payout of more than $80,000.

As the popularity of team roping continues to rise the legacy lives on!

Continuing A Legacy

In 2018 Yost Events, Inc., purchased the iconic Dynamite Arena and went straight to work preparing it for a new season by adding a second arena, improving ground conditions, and opening up parking. Yost Events aims to continue Dynamite as the ultimate destination for team ropers of all ages and skill levels.

One of the Nation’s leading team roping producers, Yost Events hosted over 45,000 teams in 2017. The company also produces team ropings at Rancho Rio in Wickenburg, Arizona, and over 40 additional events throughout the United States. The Arizona and Montana-based company also brings the National Team Roping (NTR) Finals and The Horse Sale at Rancho Rio to Wickenburg annually in March.

Dynamite Arena’s regular weekly ropings—Dynamite Sundays, Senior Wednesdays and Legends Fridays—average 300+ teams daily. Ropers range in age from 12 to 80, with competitors from around the world. With approximaely 75 events, more than 26,000 teams will back into the box at Dynamite Arena each season.

Yost Events, Inc., and Dynamite Arena continue the long-standing traditions of quality productions in a fun, family-friendly atmosphere operating from mid-October through April. In addition to the regular weekly events, Dynamite offers a variety of specialty ropings throughout the season along with multiple National Team Roping Qualifiers. We’ll see you in the ropin’ pen!

Calendar of Events